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Jan 26, 2022 • ~tirrel

Introduction Studio
It's time to start using Urbit like a server.

Tirrel is pleased to introduce Studio, our latest publishing tool for Urbit. Studio lets you publish, distribute, and sell content across the entire internet, all from your ship.Need a personal website, fast? Studio can set one up in under a minute.

For writers, Studio connects you with your legacy-web audience, even if they’re not on Urbit yet. With a click, you can share your newsletter or blog via auto-generated blog or email distribution list.

Selling on Urbit

Studio's next release also has USD payments, a first for Urbit. Sellers get a full-fledged payment suite for subscriptions, purchases, and donations.

With minimal configuration, Studio spins up a storefront where you can sell different kinds of products, including media, Urbit IDs, hosting, and Urbit software.

You can pre-apply for that feature here: https://tirrel.typeform.com/register
Getting paid within Urbit is the key to repatriating business from the cloud. Stripe, Wordpress, Patreon, Shopify, and every other e-commerce giant tightly limit how you can transact online, all while harvesting your data.

Cut them off. We’re building their services from scratch on Urbit.As we head toward a more decentralized internet economy, Tirrel believes it’s never enough for Urbit to merely replicate existing web services.

We must derive novel ways to compute together. As it’s been said, Urbit should feel like magic. We hope working with Studio gives you that sensation.


To install Studio, search ~tirrel in Grid, then select Studio.

The desk path is: ~tirrel/studioStudio pulls content from your Groups notebooks. Notebooks from any group you own will appear.

If you need any help, we’re always available in our group: ~tirrel/tirrel-support