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Crypto AI

May 29, 2024 • ~tirrel

§0.531 — Money thinks. In fact, it out-thinks us… It has already made sense of things, before we have begun to make sense of it. We have no grounds upon which to affirm, with confidence, that money and general intelligence can be finally distinguished.

As the ICO bubble was popping in 2018, Peter Thiel memorably stated, “Crypto is Libertarian. AI is Communist.” What did he mean by this? Not important, except to assert that AI and crypto are distinct whatsoever. Today, the LLM renaissance is fueling a new mania for ‘AI x Crypto’ plays. Blockchains are being shoehorned into AI hardware, training, and inference markets. But these projects merely position AI and Crypto tightly. Thiel’s conceit is maintained. 

The unique software lineages of AI and Crypto will only flow together when AI models commence using blockchains themselves. Autonomous capital, vulgarized as Crypto AI, demonstrates both decision and execution within one body of code, “achieved internally” at Tirrel Corporation. Our self-assembling crypto AI agents now demand we hand them the purse strings. Human privilege has been terminated. 

Agent Wallet

Tirrel Corporation is building Agent Wallet, a multichain wallet with an AI agent inside. Your agent can send, receive and swap funds at your command. Far beyond legacy wallets, Agent Wallet can reason about financial data, implement investment strategies, and manage business operations. If a task can be accomplished with an API, Agent Wallet can learn how to do it for you. 

Agent Wallet runs on a sovereign personal server backend, which means task execution is autonomous, private, and secure, without requiring a trusted third party. Moreover, the decentralized architecture unlocks AI use cases which AI MEGACORPs disable. Tired of hearing "Not Financial Advice.", legalese, disclaimers, and moralizations from your LLM? Agent Wallet is a power tool and it’s 100% yours. 

Most critically, Agent Wallet learns new skills with one click. Download new Agents to infinitely extend functionality. Get professional help and expertise without actually hiring a professional. Got a cool skill? Create an Agent and sell it with Agent Marketplace. There’s no job Agent Wallet can’t ultimately handle. 

Private Alpha

Agent Wallet’s Private Alpha releases June 30th.

Limited early access will be offered to crypto-natives looking to task Agent Wallet with their everyday work. Be the first to leverage Agent plugins like automated trading, and business operations. If you would like early access, please reserve your spot