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Dream Flow

Nov 12, 2022 • ~tirrel

Urbit adoption must become unconscious.

Urbit is rebooting an indifferent internet. Selling “Urbit” is hard, so let it disappear into easier products. Leave only the dream of a computer.

Tirrel Corporation redesigned Urbit’s onboarding flow, guided by this insight.

We’ve built a hosting service along with a desktop app which are meant to be assimilated by any content creator, network leader, or community organizer, not just “Martians”.
Customize a set of apps, groups, content, data, and themes to give newcomers all the context they need.

Our friend Justin Murphy is now up and running, shipping fully-configured Urbits to his community. Try our flow to join his excellent ‘Other Life’ community here: https://imperceptible.country Urbit isn’t real until you can earn a living on it. That’s why we’re currently offering full-service discounted hosting.

Partners can set their own margin and generate monthly recurring revenue. We hope this will enable more people to go “full time” on Urbit.If you have a community, network, or audience, sign up here to be next: https://urbit.paperform.co/

Any questions, please DM ~pindet-timmut