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How to Sell Content with Urbit Studio

Mar 21, 2023 • ~tirrel

Writer.Urbit.Studio can be used to create and sell content online. Here’s a short tutorial on how to get set up:

Step 0:  Get Urbit

You need an Urbit to publish with Urbit Studio. (Online viewers do not need Urbit.)

Planet.One is the quickest way to get on Urbit, and Studio comes preinstalled. 

Step 1:  Create Content

Compose your content (text, images, or audio/video links) in a Notebook using the Groups app. If you don’t have Groups yet, get it here: ~sogryp-dister-dozzod-dozzod/groups

To make a Notebook, first create a Group, then add a Notebook channel. Any privacy setting will work. 

Step 2: Install Studio

Download:  ~tirrel/studio

Studio comes preinstalled on all ships purchased from Planet.One .

Step 3:  Create your site with Studio
Studio will walk you through the creation of a site. You can customize the theme, configure paywall tiers, set up email delivery, and manage your subscribers. 

Paywalls work with credit card!

Step 4:  Publish

Hit publish and you’re done!

New posts in your notebook will automatically appear on your site, and deliver to your subscriber’s emails. 

Paywall subscription revenue will be paid out monthly in USDC. Be sure to designate your ETH address, and complete ID verification to ensure payment arrives as soon as possible. 

If you need an alternate form of payment, please email support@tirrel.io .