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Now Presenting: A Little Centralization

Jun 12, 2023 • ~tirrel

Decentralized systems can be lonely at times. P2P discovery can make it hard to find your friends, a shared activity, or just something good to read. 

In that way, Tirrel Corp is pleased to launch its new homepage for Urbit Studio. Browse and subscribe to all Urbit’s great content, including Mars Review of Books, The Carousel, and Myth Pilot here: https://urbit.studio

Our aggregator takes in all content published with Studio and presents it in one place. We made a balanced sorting mechanism to let users easily locate popular blogs, while also surfacing brand new writers as well. Of course, the privacy-conscious can opt-out too. 

To get started turning your Urbit into your own publishing platform, follow our guide here:  https://blog.tirrel.io/blog/how-to-sell-content-with-urbit-studio

Studio has email delivery, custom theming, and best of all: credit card paywalls for ZERO fees!  Get up and running in two minutes- we look forward to what you publish!